Public urged to report directly to MCILI


 THE Ministry of Commerce (MCILI) has issued out a plea for citizens to report any issue relating to illegal business operations and price control

“Any issues relate to illegal business operation and price control should be report directly to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration,” said Permanent Secretary Riley Mesepitu.

Mesepitu said this includes complaints on price control and consumer affairs.

He also urges public not to use media or social media platforms for reporting.

Mesepitu said this is because the ministry operates under government structure and policies, thus complaints need to be directed to the ministry.

Doing this will help Ministry responsible carry out investigation properly and compilation of report effectively, he adds.

Mesepitu was responding to complaints from public regarding the price control of goods and consumer affairs in Solomon Islands, an issue which has been debated in social media lately.

He says that the responsible ministry for price control and foreign investors is the MCILI.

“Sometimes complains are coming from public without fair understanding of the legislation for price control and consumer affairs.

“It is better for public to report issues of concern to responsible authorities but not in other social media platform.”

Director and Registrar of Foreign Investment Division, MCILI Mr Derick Aihari reiterated Mesepitu’s call encouraging public to report any activity or incidence relating to illegal or dubious business operations in residential areas.

He said they will deal with reported issues if locals provide detailed information about who runs the illegal business along with price control and consumer affairs.

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