Public servants urged to stop chewing betel nut, smoke & wear jeans at office  


PS MWYCFA Dr Cedric Alependava with PS for Ministry of Public Service Mr Nego Sisiolo seen on the background

PERMANENT Secretary for the Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) has urged public servants to uphold public relation as their number one priority.

Dr Cedric Alependava said he does not want to see public servants of the government ministries chewing betel-nut and smoking in offices – which is not professional.

He said smoking and chewing betel-nut is common in offices and has never been addressed.

“I would rather like to see public servant not chewing betel- nut and smoking in office,” he said.

“I’m a dental surgeon and if somebody comes to me I will focus eyes on their teeth and mouth.”

He also adds that dressing code is another area of importance, and that public servants should not wear jeans to work.

Alependava said this is stated in the public service code of conduct.

“I’m saying this because in our building officers are smoking down and upstairs and when you try to walk up you breathe nearly 7 thousand chemicals.

“If you want to be a good public servant up stain from smoking and if wanted to smoke, smoke responsibly.”

Alependava is a former consultant of the tobacco act taskforce.

Solomon Islands have passed a law to ban smoking on public transportation and public places; anyone found will be fined or imprisoned.

“I have experience in talking about smoking issue, and smoking kills six millions of people every year with 600 thousand people died of passive smoking,” he adds.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Public Service, Mr Nego Sisiolo said Ministry of Public Service expects public servants to abide by public servant code of conduct.

He said this is very important that officers of the government performed professionally with positive behaviour and attitude at workplace at stated in the code of conduct.

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