PREMIER of Guadalcanal Province says provincial governments need more support to perform up to the required standard.

Premier Anthony Veke said all the premiers are planning to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss pressing issues facing the provincial governments, especially manpower which is critically affecting the provinces’ performances.

He announced that the recent premiers’ conference had suggested for Cabinet to increase grants to a reasonable level that would allow provinces to directly recruit specialists, whose capacities can be expanded through the Provincial Government Strengthening Programme (PGSP) phase 2.

Premier Veke furthers that the premiers are also determined to see that the funds are included in the 2018 national budget.

Speaking during the Guadalcanal Province Second Appointed day on Tuesday, Premier Anthony Veke said provincial governments continue to face impediments to progress, especially in areas of human resources.

He said each province continues to face this issue; with many still needing required staffing and service delivery from authorities.

Premier Veke said in order for provinces to meet minimum conditions and performance measures, they need skilled officers.

He said this leads to the outstanding issue of recruitment of skilled officers to assist the provinces.

Premier Veke stressed that the current recruitment system takes years to provide one officer, and that in most cases, these new recruits are often not interested in reform.

“Guadalcanal Province’s performance this year has been affected as there is no staff that can deliver service required.

“I believe this issue also affect other provinces,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare said the government is still waiting for the joint resolution made by the premiers.

He agrees that provincial governments are agents of the national government and that they have all the right to bring up issues to the national government for deliberation.

“The way we are structured under the principle agent relationship, the provincial government delivers essential services on behalf of the national government.

“It is appropriate that the provincial government and provincial government to discuss issues such as national capacity building and the importance of making provinces effectively deliver services on behalf of the people,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

He reiterated that his office is still waiting for the documents.

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