Provinces expect surge in covid-19 cases

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A surge in COVID-19 sick patients is expected for provincial hospitals and rural health centres, according to the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr Culwick Togamana.

“We are expecting a surge in COVID-19 sick patients in our provincial hospitals, Area Health Centres and Nurse Aid post,” Togamana said.

He said the Ministry this week will continue deploy more oxygen supplies, PPEs and equipment and Pharmaceutical to level two medical stores to distribute to the various health services.

Togamana said many of these have been distributed in the past week   and are slowly reaching the designated facilities.

He also said further training for health workers were conducted last week in Honiara and the provinces in the management of COVID-19 patients from various levels like moderate to severe and critical cases.

“Such training of COVID-19 management will also be conducted for provinces to manage our vulnerable and at-risk population such as our elderly’s and those with comorbidities as well as those with long COVID-19 syndrome after being discharged from health facilities,” Togamana said.