Prospecting on Jejevo Nickel Project to kick off soon

THE Prospecting Licence holder of the Jejevo Nickel Project, Sunshine Minerals says prospecting work on the Isabel nickel project will start soon as a new partner with technical capability has been accepted to join the Sunshine Minerals team.

Directors of Sunshine Minerals announced yesterday in Honiara that the new partner is METMINCO Limited, an Australian gold producer which has bought the entire share capital of Sunshine Minerals.

Sunshine Minerals owns 80 percent stake in the Jejevo Nickel Project.

Sunshine Minerals, the Directors say sees the partnership with METMINCO Ltd as the provider of the opportunity to develop the Jejevo Nickel Project.

And the Directors of Sunshine Minerals, Mr Pawel Misiec and Nelson Kile commend the Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Bradley Tovosia for his foresight on the development of the Jejevo Nickel Project.

They say the issuance of the prospecting licence to their company by Mr Tovosia means he understands the need to utilise the Jejevo Nickel resource to improve the resource owners’ earnings, that of the Isabel province and the country as a whole.

They add, nickel mining operations can also create jobs for thousands of school leavers and university graduates, especially from Isabel province, who presently are unable to find employment.

And most importantly, they say, having METMINCO Ltd as a partner with the right resources and the technical capability does mean the development of the Jejevo Nickel Project will soon become a reality.

Executive Chairman of METMINCO Ltd, Kevin Wilson has led a company delegation to Honiara to discuss with the Directors of Sunshine Minerals and their small team about the nickel project, whether or not Solomon Islands has a conducive environment for investment and general information about the country.

Prior to arriving in Honiara, Mr Wilson said his company was interested in acquiring stake in Nickel and Bauxite Projects in Solomon Islands.

He said METMINCO Ltd is operating Quinchia Gold Project in Colombia, South America.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Minerals says it also has a prospecting license to operate Tausere Bauxite prospect on South Choiseul, Choiseul province.

It adds METMINCO Ltd is also a partner in the Tausere Bauxite Project.

By George Atkin


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