Prosecution to serve disclosures on Fiusale’s case


DEFENCE lawyer representing Simon Fiusale has requested disclosures from Public Prosecution for his client, and the case will appear again on November 1.

This is in relation to an incident in Malaita in July last year where five men are alleged to have been in possession of firearm.

Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda told court that three of the five accused were absconding and admits in court that he cannot assist the court on the status of the execution of warrant, because only limited instruction was given in the file.

Meanwhile he told the court that disclosures will be served during the adjournment.

The court was also told that the other accused Iki Olomea is still without a lawyer and thus had to secure a lawyer before the next date of appearance.

Principal Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi told the accused to visit the Public Solicitor’s Office every day so that he can be allocated a lawyer.

Simon Fiusale and Iki Olomea were charged together with three other accused who are currently under warrants of arrest.

They were charged for in possession of fire-arm and threatening violence.

Three other accused men currently under warrant are Leonard Ofaka, Bredley Abarai and Jimmy Eno Bana and they are jointly charged with other two of one count of possession of firearm and threatening violence each.

Police said that the men were drunk and threatened the employees of Dalgro Construction Company that won the bid for Bridge Construction at the Tabaa Bridge in North Malaita on July 21, 2016.

It was alleged that one of the men who hold the gun which is a 303 rifle black in colour put in a bullet and then cocked the gun pointing it at the workers.

Police also ceased the alleged weapon believed to be used by the accused.

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