Prosecution needs time, bail delayed for accused


An accused was yesterday denied his rights to bail due to prosecution needing more time to respond to defence’s application.

Defence had applied for bail on behalf of Mr James Tangasuna on August 31, 2021. Defence yesterday said this was more than ample time for prosecution.

Defence Lawyer Ben Ifuto’o informed court yesterday the appearance was for bail application but prosecution has not responded to their application.

Ifuto’o said there was nothing new in the application to delay prosecution’s response, the application was just like other previous bail application filed to them.

He said they should have responded without seeking more time.

Meanwhile Public Prosecutor Olivia Manu who appeared on behalf of her colleague prosecutor Patricia Tabepuda said that the prosecutor in carriage is awaiting police investigators regarding status of investigations before she can respond.

High Court Judge Leonard Maina after listening to both counsels said there is no need for prosecution to go back to the police before responding to the bail application.

The statements and documents are now with prosecution and it is the prosecution to decide on the response based on the law, Maina said.

Maina then adjourned the case to Friday and made directions for the Prosecutor in carriage to appear in court.

Tangasuna isaccused to have involved in the murder of a 50-year-old man at Keuna Village in the Marumbo area of West Guadalcanal on June 14, 2020.

Allegation said Tangasuna and the deceased were both drunk and prior to the incident had an argument.

It is alleged the accused got hold of a piece of timber with both of his hands and struck the victim twice. The first strike allegedly landed on the back of the victim’s head, and as the victim fell to the ground, the accused then gave the second strike which landed on the left side of his head including the victim’s left shoulder.

Police said the deceased fell unconscious on the ground with blood coming out from his mouth and nose. The deceased was then transported to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) for medical treatment.

Since the time of incident until his death, the deceased remained in a critical condition for eight days until he died on June 22, 2020 at NRH.


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