Prosecution intend to engage specialist on Kirakira murder incident


PROSECUTION has told court yesterday that they will be engaging a pathologist to conduct exhumation on a deceased’s body, alleged to have been killed in Bauro, Makira province.

The exhumation is required to produce an autopsy report.

This is in relation to the case against an accused, Jimmy Baukuhu, who is faced with one count of murder.

Defence said while waiting for the pathologist to arrive they would like to commit the matter to the High Court by way of a short form preliminary inquiry.

Defence lawyer George Gray said any other evidence provided will be produced later in the High Court, as previously mentioned the specialist will be arriving in June this year.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika then granted the application and adjourned the case to April 26 for the SFPI.

Prosecution alleged that Mr Baukuhu and his associates killed the deceased on May 24, 2016.

Prosecution said that the deceased was found lying dead at a seaside near Kirakira with a rope tied to his neck.

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