Promise on the 27th for registrants?


THE 27th of this month September is an interesting day for many Solomon Islanders as reports have it that many registrants are assured to be receiving extra cash on this particular day.

Interestingly, this is report coming from registrants over assurance they have received by certain intending candidates for next year’s National General Election (NGE).

“Whatever it is that is going on in the politics of this country, everything seems to be going according to plan politically,” raised concerned observers from the general public.

“Recently witnessing going on through the current registering process, many registrants have been receiving bags of rice and other small tokens of appreciation from different intending candidates so we question if such practise is right at this stage of period when we understand that the law being set down by Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) does not encourage such yet. Can the law investigate now rather than having to wait for the objection period or so?”

“To add in a suspicion, many people registering in Constituencies have also said the same thing and this is they have been promised to return on the 27th of this month September to receive more on what they are registering for.”

Whichever maybe the truth, there has been many reports now over the current cross border registration issue in which SIEC too in their recent Press Release confirmed receiving such report.

It is up to investigations now after all this process to prove all these chaos reports.

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