Problem-plagued HFA league drags on


HFA President Baddley Alaha

THE kick off date of the 2018 season league of the problem-plagued Honiara Football Association (HFA) is being dragged on for another week but still pending further confirmation.

The kick-off is being dragged on due to constant failures to sort out outstanding issues carried on from last season, forcing the Honiara football governing body to remain unsettle and so as yet to figure out a new possible kick-off date.

Speaking to SunSPORTS yesterday, HFA President Baddley Alaha said two meetings are scheduled to take place next week to discuss issues pertaining to the affairs of the league.

“One meeting will be held with the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Executive and the other meeting is with the clubs.

“After these two meetings are over then we can be able to announce the new kick off date,” Alaha stressed.

Initially, the league was scheduled to kick off last Saturday as announced in March by Alaha and his executive after carrying out strings of successive meetings in past months since the beginning of this year.

Last month, HFA was trying to address the issue of prizes for winners last season where to this point, nothing is said to have happened yet due to financial difficulty.

Registration for the 2018 season had closed earlier this month and Alaha admitted only few clubs came in to pay up their affiliation and competition registration fees.

“Only few clubs have paid in their affiliation and registration fees and we are still working on that.

“This will also be put on the table for discussion when we meet with the clubs next week.

“We hope to resolve some of the issues pertaining to the affairs of the league during the two upcoming meetings and get to announce the new kick off date after that,” Alaha expressed.

In gearing up for the new season since the announcement of the previous kick off date, most affiliated clubs have shaped up in their preparations and are now in ‘ready mode’.

Meanwhile, unlike the previous seasons, the HFA competition structure went under a review recently and this new season will see the introduction of the newly-adopted two-divisional leagues comprising 18 teams each for the premier division and second division, respectively. The restructure is to allow Honiara clubs to play more matches in one season.

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