Prioritising our youthful population

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OUR youth makes up the majority of the population.

In fact 70 percent of Solomon Islands population is under 34 years of age.

Those between 15 to 34 years old are categorised as youth in this country.

This age group is also very productive in contributing to the country’s economy if they are employed.

The problem is that the majority of the youth are also unemployed.

And it is a ticking time bomb for the country if the youth population continues to increase each year.

They must be given opportunities to excel in whatever they can. If not then we are in for a tough ride ahead.

As we celebrate the Youth Week in Honiara this week, we must reflect on prioritising our youthful population.

Acting Prime Minister John Maneniaru said our youths are an asset that can propel the country forward if properly utilised.

This means giving them a conducive environment to excel in whatever qualities they have.

The Multipurpose Hall extension, thanks to the New Zealand Government, is just one small assistance toward helping our youths.

We need more halls to host activities for youths around the country.

We need more sporting stadiums, school halls, basketball courts, classrooms, youth centres and any other facility that will keep our youths busy.

Building more facilities and decentralising such initiatives should be the way forward.

It seems youth projects are congested within Honiara and not much done in the rural areas.

Honiara is also full of unemployed youths who have nothing to do but drink kwaso, smoke marijuana and disturb neighbours with loud music and basically creating noise pollution.

Let us not just make Honiara a Youth Hub but setting it up for the future of Solomon Islands as a whole.