Preserve crown land for LOs


A concerned Temotuan is calling on their provincial government to preserve crown land in Santa Cruz for landowners and prohibit an Asian logging company currently operating in one of the districts from entering the area.

An outspoken Mr James Menai of Nangu Village, Santa Cruz stresses that the land which is covered with virgin trees belongs to landowners thus, something their provincial leaders should consider.

Henceforth, he said the provincial government should communicate with landowners with regards to development endeavors that can take place in the future.

Menai also stated that because the land is covered with virgin forests, another positive way of utilising it is to allow students who are majoring in Forestry and Agriculture studies to conduct their research there.

“So I strongly call on the Premier and his executive not to allow the crown land to be accessed by the company. It should be preserved for the landowners for future development purposes,” he said.

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