Premier Suidani forms new political party



PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani will take the first step towards setting-up a political party he has been preaching about during his tours around his province.

The political party is named “Umi For Change” (We are for Change) and a meeting was scheduled for 17th October to appoint an interim committee to spearhead the set-up of the party.   

In a public announcement made by his political advisor, Celsius Talifilu a meeting to set up an interim committee to spearhead the proposed Umi For Change party is set for October 17 2022 in Auki.

“Premier Suidani is getting ahead with setting up of the new UMI FOR CHANGE (U4C) political party he has been preaching about during his tours around Malaita province,” Talifilu said.

He said this is a preparation to ensure the party is ready for the upcoming 2024 election.

Talifilu relayed a call by the premier to those who wish to be part of this new party to be in Auki on the 17th of October 2022.

“This will be an important gathering where the interim committee will oversee the setting up of the party and who will be appointed.

“U4C party is formed as a political vehicle to advance policy issues that the MARA government has been advocating for.

“The premier believes that this is the right and appropriate way to further these interests and is calling on those who shared the same views to come and be part of the new initiative in Auki on the 17th of October 2022,” he said.

Commenting on the party during one of his tour in the province he said the idea behind the political party is to ensure Malaita province has united leaders in government who will represent common interests and issues of Malaita.

“We are behind a political party, a party that will carry Malaita province forward as one people.

“And in order to do that, by going about things we believe on, this is the only way. We must go together as a political party,” Suidani said.

He explained that as long as the party is launched, the electorates throughout the province are encouraged to affiliate to the party by membership.

Suidani said what will happen is, members of the party from each constituencies will choose their candidates based on accord to pursue their interest if he/she wins.

He said the idea is if a constituency has a membership of more than 5,000 voters and go for a single candidate, there is a high possibility for them to win the election.

Suidani also added that if members of the party come up with more than one candidate, a preliminary election will be conducted and the one with the highest votes will represent them all in the election.

Suidani said that prior to the next general election; the political party will preach in all constituencies throughout the province for electorates to be aware and get their membership.

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