Premier Suidani condemns offensive video

Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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PREMIER Daniel Suidani of Malaita province on Thursday 7th May held an online press conference to condemn an insulting Facebook video which had circulated in recent days.

Premier Suidani categorically condemns the video making it clear that the offensive content does not represent Malaita province or its people.

Suidani said that he made the press conference as soon as he viewed the video on Thursday 7th May, and on the advice on his team. 

The Premier said in his statement that the video was “Deeply wrong and does not reflect value of respect embodied in our cultural traditions and Christian ethics. I therefore condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“I make this condemnation as Premier of Malaita Province and on behalf of my people and government.”

Secondly he went on to say that these statements by the individual in the video do not in any way represent the people or government of Malaita province.

The Premier also made it clear that this was an individual’s action not done on behalf of anyone else.

Premier Suidani pointed out that the person needs to face the consequences of such a terrible action himself, and that his actions do not represent the values or the views of the people of Malaita province nor of its provincial government.

In his statement the Premier completely disassociated the people and government of Malaita province from the video and its content.

Premier Suidani reaffirmed that the people and government of Malaita Province value and respect the relationships with Solomon Islanders from other provinces.

In closing, he asked for fellow Solomon Islanders and wantoks to share this message in their families, networks and communities.