Premier Suidani calls for review of Immigration laws



PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani has called for a comprehensive immigration law to cope with issues of national security and to manage the investment and migration needs of the country.

Suidani made the call in his keynote address during the opening of a two-day consultation on the Immigration Act 2021 which will end today in Auki.

Speaking on the theme for the consultation “Safe and secure borders for economic growth”, he said the theme reflects the important milestone of the country that is aspiring for peace and security for its social economic development.

“Migration is a cross-cutting security issue and has been impacting our people, society and economy which our country needs comprehensive immigration laws and policies to manage investment and migration.

“Our immigration reform is part of the global community reform in which many countries are reforming their related policies and Immigration laws to ensure international borders are safe and secured,” Suidani said.

The Premier assured his commitment to support the national government redirection policy and efforts to reform the immigration laws to encourage and promote economic growth in the country.

He projected that the immigration reform undertaken by the MCILI will help to strengthen and encourage foreign investment and provide opportunities to support the productive and extractive sectors to expand their social economic development in the country.

Suidani stressed that Immigration, Foreign Investment and Labor laws are piece of legislations that are gate keepers of the country and the national government needs to reform these laws to be more comprehensive to strengthen enforcement and monitoring of the economy and migration.

Meanwhile, he said that MPG is looking forward to host some of the major national economic and industries in the near future such as Bina Harbor deep seaport, Ministry of Fisheries fishing project and Suava Bay development.

“These two major government undertakings will become key milestones to open foreign investors to Malaita province in which we need strong immigration, labor and foreign investment laws to protect our borders,” Suidani advised.

He said that the current reform is timely to ensure Immigration laws are structured to meet the International standards promoting the UN goals 2030 for safe and secured orderly migration.

On that note, Premier Suidani thanked the Pacific Immigration Development Community Secretariat and the government for co-funding the Immigration act review.

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