Premier Singamoana defeats motion


MOTION of no confidence against the Premier of Rennell and Bellona Province Collin Singamoana by the MPA for Ward 9 Nicholas Taika has been defeated.

Six of the nine standing MPAs of Renbel province voted against the motion, while two implied for it. Absent was MPA for ward 3.

Speaker to Assembly Brian Sa’oba ruled in favour of Premier Singamoana after a vote was carried out to sum up what had been a whole day of deliberation and clarification over the allegations presented by the mover.

Mr Taika raised 15 allegations with no documents of proof attached.

Premier Singamoana answered and clarified some allegations he was answerable to, while other members of the executive clarified allegations pertaining them.

The 15 allegations raised against the Premier include; self-style attitude in leadership, failing national government projects, threatening remarks made on social media and during important meetings, decision makings in the provincial budget and poor leadership, poor decisions regarding the hosting of the 2018 Solomon Games, Premier’s involvement in business undertaking concerning his family’s, the said closure of New Place PSS and the province education system decline, the $2.6 million that appeared as sundry in the 2016/2017 financial year report being an abuse of huge sums of money in the name of the province, diversion of allocated funds, Premier’s involvement with the Treasury Division and other expenditures, Premier’s discretionary fund of more than a million dollars, weak leadership, duty bound to deliver mandated tasks such as the hosting of the 2017 Second Appointed Day in Ward 9 (Bellona), High Court challenge by two Chinese businessmen on Rennell customary lands being a shame to the province and the sacking of the MPA for Ward 10.

Premier Singamoana said some of the allegations were personal attacks on his privacy and were no way near critiquing his capacity as MPA for ward 8 or Premier of Renbel.

“As a holder of a public office, I’m inclined to accept allegations directed towards my terms of reference as a MPA for ward 8 or as Premier for Renbel, but these allegations have crossed the boundary and invaded my private life and family.

“And to make matters worse, the mover of the motion did not produce a single document of evidence to justify his allegations. It boils down to him tarnishing me and my family name over hearsay. Totally unacceptable.”

He furthers that other allegations did not even involve him, rather, the ones answerable are ministries and the province’s administration – something that the mover would have realised if he had made proper enquiries.

“Most of the allegations should have been directed to either some of the national ministries or the province’s administration because they are the ones answerable to them.

“When the mover detailed those allegations everyone just wonder how in the world I was implicated in those allegations when it was crystal clear that I was not party to those allegations.”

He said the allegations in the motion are very misleading to the public, tarnishing his name and reputation.

“Raising false allegations without evidence and lack of due effort or an attempt to prior enquiry or verification before voicing them out in the media and here is defamation of character. I am not the type of leader being accused of,” said the Premier

Singamoana also expressed sadness on the point that his wife and family were mentioned in the motion of false allegations on their family business.

“My business was already operating successfully before I even became a member of provincial government,” clarified the Premier.

Taika, during moving the motion, said that it is his political obligation and right under the constitution of the country as a duly elected member for ward 9 who has taken an oath to uphold the integrity and respect for the province to table the motion.

“I am also aware of the many aspirations by our people and sympathisers living here at home and in other parts of the country as well as overseas who want to see a better future for our province and its people,” said Taika.

However, according to Renbel’s MPAs who voted against the motion, they are not satisfied with Taika’s 15 allegations with no evidence, furthermore, they also consider the limited time left.

The Premier calls for the people and leaders of Renbel province to work together and keep up the momentum of progress which the province is in.

Meanwhile, it is said that the mover of the motion has also taken the allegations to the police.

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