Premier Siapu urges Ugi people to allow wharf project


THE Premier of Makira-Ulawa province has called on the people of Ugi not to forgo the national wharf project proposed for the island.

Premier Standley Siapu made the statement in response to a demand of $SBD3.3 million made by a person from Ugi, demanding government to pay before any further progress be done regarding the project.

In a recent interview with this paper, the premier spoke of the importance of the project to the province and a need for his people and government to work together with the national government.

He said his executive is aware of the issue and is working with the ward-4 MPA to address the problem.

“We will work closely with the people of Ugi, the landowners, tribes and the government especially the commissioner of lands to address the issue.

“Because the title of the land is with commissioner, and this person is just given with a grant of profit to use the land.

“So we will be seeking the advice of the commissioner of land as to how we will best address the issue.

“He is just a one person and the whole of Ugi and the province like this development to be in our island and province,” Siapu said.

He reminds the people of Ugi that such developments are for everyone’s benefit, and that such projects are hard to come by, and urges them to consider letting the project to go ahead.

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