Premier Sade reacts to planned motion of no confidence

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Guadalcanal premier Francis Sade has reacted to plans to oust him by way of motion-of-no confidence, welcoming it with open arms.

Mr Sade says he will defeat any motion of no confidence that comes his way.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, he said the plan is backed by ‘outside parties and forces’.

“A motion of confidence was proposed against me and my executive by my backbenchers who are backed by outside parities.

“To me as a premier am happy to receive that. It is always good and as part of my leadership to get information and receive criticism from outside, that would definitely help me and my team to set new directions and set new actions,” he said.

He said the proposed motion has 10 points of allegation.

“These reasons of the motion of no confidence against me are more on personal grudges. There is nothing stated that is really substantial and concrete in terms of what the government is doing.

“Yet, I am happy to challenge the 10 grounds of motion of no confidence against me.  

“To my people in Guadalcanal, we will defeat this motion and we will continue to do our best to improve the service delivery in Guadalcanal.

“What we are trying to do here is to expose the corruption that involved some of our national leaders and top leaders in the country,” said Sade.

He said at the moment his team, the executive members of Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly are focusing and making sure they stick to their solidarity statement.