Premier Manetiva sticks to no-logging stand

CENTRAL Islands Province Premier Stanley Manetiva has issued a directive halting logging in Nautuha district, Boli passage.

Manetiva yesterday was responding to land owners of Nautuha who were asking his government to allow logging to take place on their land.

He said his government is aware of the logging proposal but is not welcoming any logging to operate in the province.

“Based on our policies and business audiences, we will not allow any foreign or locals to operate logging activities.

“The Central Islands provincial government remains standing by not allowing any logging operations to any customary land.

“My government plans are to develop Ngella in tourism and boost Agriculture and Fisheries but logging and mining.

“Central provincial government operates within the laws to deliver the right infrastructure and services in our provinces.

Our policy still maintained its stand ‘no to logging in Ngella and Central province.”

Manetiva calls on the people of Ngella to work closely with the provincial government together to say ‘no’ to logging activities in the province.

“My government will not support any decision for logging in Ngella,” said Manetiva.

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