WESTERN Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepioh has demanded critics on facebook, particularly the Gizo Forum to present facts to back claims he facilitated the sale of Rendova Harbour for $500,000.

He warned that if no facts are provided soon by the forum, his next move will be to sue the forum and its administrators in court.

The Premier in an interview yesterday with Island Sun Gizo denied the post on Gizo Forum stating that “he needs to tell the People of Western Province on what is happening with the Provincial Land at Rendova Harbour”.

It is claimed that the land was sold to a local business man for $500,000.00 dollars, with claims the Premier facilitated for the sale.

The Premier strongly condemns the accusation, stating that his reputation has been tarnished over such misleading and untrue information being continuously debated on the Forum.

“Facts must now be provided, if not we will be going to court as these are the only two things that will now take place,” said the Premier.

“I will not tolerate people who wish to continue tarnishing my name with no facts to prove what they are talking about. They can do that to someone else but not me.

“There is no trying nor have I been using Western Province resources for my own benefit. I am not working purposely to fill my own pocket with money.

Everything we carry out here in the Executive Government of Western Province is of public interest, meaning if we do anything wrong, it won’t be hidden. I myself am very surprised how such stories and information are formed by people. I am confused and do not know the dates of when such events took place,” he said.

I have been so humble over such issues during the past, but now I see that there is a need to clarify such misleading and untrue stories once and for all for people to stop barking up the wrong tree,” he added.

According to the Premier, the Rendova Harbour Issue is only caused by a few people who are trying to continuously tarnish his name by misleading the public.

“There will be an investigation on the bosses of the Social Media Gizo Forum purposely for them to provide their facts over the Rendova Harbour issue,” said Hon Maepioh.

The Premier is now strongly warning and urging all Western Province Social Media Forums to get facts and information right before postings issues that are of serious concern.

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