PRC donate computers to Island Sun

PRC’s deputy ambassador Yao Ming, left, with Lloyd Loji of Island Sun displaying notes of exchanges during the handing over of the computers, yesterday.
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THE People’s Republic of China (PRC) Embassy has donated sets of computers to Island Sun to support the newspaper’s role in the dissemination of information during the Covid-19 challenges.

PRC’s Counsellor and deputy ambassador Yao Ming handed the computers to Island Sun Management representative Lloyd Loji.

Ming said the media has played an important role in disseminating information to the public and in recognition of that they are happy to support Island Sun newspaper during this difficult time.

He said he hopes the computers will equip news staff of Island Sun to do their duties effectively to meet deadlines.

Loji, on behalf of Island Sun Management, thanked PRC for the timely donation, adding the newspaper looks forward to working closely with the Embassy in the future.