Political party’s role in government stability


A political party plays an important role in government stability on which in the context of Solomon Islands, it is still on a learning curve.

In this particular function, Democratic Alliance Party’s (DAP) Parliamentary Wing Leader Hon Jeremiah Manele said in more mature democracies, the stability of political parties has a direct positive effect on government stability.

“This is very important because without government stability, the country would rarely achieve its development goals,” said Mr Manele.

“And a country that does not achieve its development goals would not also be able to make progress and its people will suffer.

“On the flip side if there is party instability or we have a weak party system then there is all the changes that the country will not improve as much as we would like to see.

“I need not to labour this point but this is where a party like SIDAP needs to be properly organized and managed.”

Another important political party function also mentioned is political parties involving in nomination and providing support to candidates in elections. Manele said this allows candidates to run on a party manifesto.

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