A political issue that requires political will


THE Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnership Forum which kicked off on September 25 2017 continued yesterday with discussions focusing on climate change.

Among key speakers who spoke at the workshop was Fiji’s Opposition Member of Parliament, Hon Salote Radrodro.

In initial remarks, she stated that climate change is a global issue affecting humanity in many different ways.

Moreover, Hon Radrodro highlighted that climate change is a political issue because it requires political will to sign and ratify international agreements, the Paris Agreement for example.

She added that this will subsequently mandate and require each country to enforce and comply with the associated articles for the effective implementation of the climate change agenda.

In relation, Hon Radrodro stated that the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement will strongly impact and influence climate change goals under the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a national, regional and international level.

She mentioned that climate change and gender equality on national and international levels also affect the achievements of SDGs and future development goals.

However, according to Hon Radrodro gradual steps have been taken in effort to address the harsh realities of climate change.

“Regional bodies like PIF, SPC have programmes in Agriculture, Fisheries, Health, Development and Empowerment of Women and other areas that link up to the achievement of SDGs in regards to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

“Kiribatis bought land in Savusavu, Fiji and I am given to understand that the plan is to relocate her people if and when the need arises.”

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