Police’s crime prevention strategy to be adopted by gov’t soon


THE successful police crime prevention strategy (CPS) will likely become a national government strategy next year.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Mr Gabriel Manelusi recently revealed the intention of incorporating the CPS into a national strategy.

He said the role of RSIPF now is to lead the government and community into planning and coordination of action.

Mr Manelusi said they are looking also to partner with businesses to support development of mechanisms of community stability and development.

He said this is the correct response to crime prevention which acknowledges that crime is just the symptom of the problems, which is invariably far-reaching across different aspects of society.

Mr Manelusi said police is working with many institutions across the country to strengthen the CPS.

He said their works are in areas including, education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and development, environment, women youth and families and others.

This is so that communities and government engage in understanding problems that cause crime and collectively find and implement solutions.

He said the effective CPS will move the country towards less reliance on being a cash-based society and remove lots of opportunity for potential crime, as well as support developments in infrastructure around the economy.

Mr Manelusi said the ultimate purpose of the crime prevention strategy is to ensure all communities to be a problem solvers to their problems rather than living it for police.

He said community leaders and everyone needs to stand up and assist the police in whatever problem.

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