Police training dubbed ‘corrupt’


THE way police training has been conducted is corrupt, according to an individual who like many others had applied to be part of the local police force earlier this year.

Mr Jay Tarakaimana from Guadalcanal province expressed the above to the paper last week.

Speaking on behalf of others who share the same sentiment, he stressed that what they experienced during their training right up to the examination stage was more than enough to indicate that the process they had went through was not fair and lacked transparency.

He said they were told beforehand that if they failed to attend any phase of the training they would either be excluded from training or penalised.

However, he spoke of how this was not the case when he and others noticed that rules and regulations of the panel were not followed.

Tarakaimana adds, they were told that they had to run on a Saturday and those who did not attend would be cut off which would lead to the downsizing of the number of applicants.

He said this marveled him at how those from the SDA church were not even considered to run on a different day which left some of them with no choice but to run alongside others on their Sabbath.

Tarakaimana added that when time came for them to take the exam, applicants who had other people run for them during the running phase of the training and those who ran but did not clock the required timing still had their names listed to take the exam.

“This does not follow the rules and regulations of the panel when we applied,” he said.

In relation, Tarakaimana voiced that it was surprising to see that some of them were shortlisted.

He stressed that this is very corrupt and a sad thing for a sector of the country that holds such a high status of people who we expect to be honest and law abiding citizens.

Henceforth, Tarakaimana suggests that ID cards be used so that there is a record of those who have really completed all stages of the training.

He calls on the police commissioner to look into the matter and if possible consider the thought of a re-examination of the training.

Attempt to get comments from police has not been fruitful since last week.

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