Police to up checks for underage in clubs/pubs

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DEPUTY Police Commissioner (National Security and Operations) Ian Vaevaso says following concerns raised by public on underage youths entering night clubs and pubs, police will be making regular visits to these venues.

He said under the Liquor Act, children or youths below the age of 21 are not allowed to enter night clubs and pubs.

“It is an offence for licensed premises like clubs and pubs to serve alcohol to those age groups,” Vaevaso said.

He said a recent visit to some licensed premises by police officers resulted in the observation that these venues served underage with alcohol.

He said pubs and night clubs when issued with licences, have to comply with the conditions of their licences.

“Therefore, monitoring of those licensed premises will continue and to make sure those premises comply with the condition attached.”

He said once a liquor venue is found to fail in its compliance with the licence conditions, police will file a report to the Liquor Board to deal it.