Police still investigating missing $300k: Vaevaso

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DEPUTY Police Commissioner Ian Vaevaso says the case of a police officer suspected of stealing the One Link $300,000 cash-exhibit is still active.

Vaevaso while acknowledging concerns raised by Transparency Solomon Islands, said the important thing public should know is that a strong case needs more and enough evidence to prove the case in court.

He said TSI’s point is “very true” and they are taking onboard the issues raised by TSI.

Vaevaso said the officer is currently suspended and on half-pay awaiting his case to be brought before the court.

He said Professional Standard Intel Investigation of the RSIPF are doing their investigation and only few outstanding submissions are yet to be collected before compiling the full report to be forwarded to the Office of the Director Public Prosecution for viewing and advice on the charge.

“The allegation that the officer stole the exhibit money is still be proven and it is a matter for the courts to determine, and currently the officer is not yet free as he has allegations against him,” Vaevaso said.

He said, “regarding the statement that the alleged officer should be charged and sent behind bars, such is not easy as the public may expect because putting a case before the court needs proper evidence based on facts.

“A strong case needs enough evidence to prove the allegation beyond reasonable doubt and that is what law requires, so we need to prove this case beyond reasonable doubt in order to convict a person.

“The suspected police officer is subjected to face the law when all evidence and facts compiled and filed and not anytime as we might assume.”