Police to enquire on allegation of police vehicle sold in Renbel


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley has ordered an immediate investigation to enquire into the allegation relating to a police vehicle at Renbel alleged to have been sold out.

Mr Varley responding to an article published by this paper said if that report is true it will be very much disappointed.

He said when he received the report on Thursday he was quite concerned about the police vehicle allegedly been sold by Police at Renbel.

“if that report is correct then obviously I would be very disappointed on that, I can tell you that as part of a vehicle evaluation exercise last year I ordered that review of the entire fleet and number of vehicles across the RSIPF were identified as being unserviceable, or not worthy of maintenance or repair because of their age or condition”, Mr Varley said.

He confirmed that the vehicle at Renbel was one of those vehicles that were determined to be unserviceable and therefore was intended for disposal and that was the process that was going thru with MID at the moment.

“So to the best of our knowledge the vehicle was due for destruction and that was the tender and the allegation that the vehicle was dispose or sold is concerning and I have ordered immediate investigation to be led by my Assistant Commissioner Provincial to make enquires and report back to me as soon as possible”, Mr Varley said.

Mr Varley said it always a concern to him when hearing complains about RSIPF service anywhere across the country including the provinces and sometimes it’s difficult for them to maintain a close eye on what is happening around the provinces and that is why police are relying heavily communities feedback.

Mr Varley said when reports of officers not doing the right thing then that are where enquiries and investigation established to get facts before appropriate actions taken.

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