Police still investigate MPs cases

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POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley confirmed that a number of cases in regards to former and current Members of Parliament are still with police for investigation.

During the weekly media conference Mr Varley said police have some files for both former and current MPs for alleged corruption cases and they are still under investigation.

“As we have said before I don’t want to comment on exactly who we are looking for, last year we charged a current MP who is currently before the court and this is a former MP so far to say. You can expect that we have other files involving both former MPS and current MPS but those are still under investigation”, Mr Varley said.

Mr Varley said police are still on their investigations but will take in due process, consultation with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

“But the point is former MP or current MP or a public servant it doesn’t matter the fact that everyone has responsibility to use public fund properly and when there is evidence that public funds have been misused then police will investigate and this is another example of the determination to follow cases through it takes some time”, Mr Varley said.

“Obviously we have many files to work on and the Assistant Commissioner Crime and his team is progressing on those files”.