Police road inspection this weekend


POLICE Traffic Officers will commence an operation this weekend, Police Commissioner Mathew Varley said.

The operation will start today aiming unlicensed vehicles, unlicensed drivers and drink driving.

Mr Varley said the operation aims to send out the message on traffic safety and unlicensed driving, particularly drink driving which is still not getting through in relation to drivers on the road.

“The top three cases we deal with is unlicensed motor vehicle, unlicensed drivers and careless driving is the number one matter we are dealing with.

“What I mean by this is people driving inconsiderably carelessly on our road creating extra lane, driving on footbath that’s been a huge focus for us.”

Varley explains that the traffic condition is caused by the roadworks, coupled with poor and disrespectful driving behaviour by people.

He emphasises that careless driving can lead to the driver’s death or of passengers or innocent road users.

This coming weekend if any vehicle is caught drink driving or without valid licence, they are expect to be prosecuted.

Police have reported 292 prosecution cases in Honiara alone in early January this year.

86 cases on careless driving, seven detected for unlicensed vehicle and 47 cases from drink and driving.

Varley encourages and urges citizens if they know of any friends or families engaged in drink driving, they should speak out and step in and take responsibility by telling them not to drive while on alcohol.

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