Police prosecutors told to stop disobeying court orders


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Tearo Beneteti has called on police prosecutors to stop disobeying orders of the court.

She made the comment following the delay of filing of documents by the police prosecution in relation to the case against Patterson Maesusuia.

The case was adjourned for filing of PTC documents and agreed facts on September 14, however, defence just only received the papers on Monday this week from prosecution.

Defence Lawyer confirmed to the court that he only received the document on Monday and already responded to the document just after he received them.

Ms Beneteti said if everybody abides by court orders the cases should progress smoothly rather than coming to court and asking for an adjournment.

She said that the cases should progress according to the law of Solomon Islands rather than delaying and denying the rights of the accused.

She said that “if the prosecution and defence always up to date with their files they will always be commended for their work but if you are not doing your work as the court expects you to, you will be told off by the court”.

The case against Maesusuia has been adjourned for next week for Pre-Trial-Conference and filing of PTC document on September 29.

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