Police prosecution told to play its part

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Police prosecution has been directed by court to serve full disclosures to the defence lawyer regarding the case of Tristan Zinihite Tongarutu.

The accused is facing charges under traffic related offences which occurred in 2020.

Defence told the court yesterday that disclosures are yet to be received from prosecution and thus they were not able to obtain instructions.

Therefore, Magistrate Emily Vagibule adjourned the case to April 20, 2021 for plea and also prosecution to serve full disclosures to the defence.

Police alleged that the accused on May 18, 2020 was driving a motor vehicle in front of Saint John School along the Mendana Avenue Road.

Police said at that time officers from Kukum Traffic were doing Traffic check at the said location when the defendant’s vehicle was diverted to the road side for vehicle licence check.

It was during check, officers found out that the vehicle was not displaying any vehicle licence sticker and also his driving licences was not in his possession and so he was escorted up to Kukum traffic centre for investigations.

The allegation further said that at the Kukum Traffic Centre, traffic officers checked the vehicle licenses, vehicle third party insurance and defendant’s driving licenses on the Justice Management System (JIMS), and discovered that all the licences were expired in 2017.

Police then charged the accused with five charges under the traffic Act, count one failing to display vehicle licenses contrary to section 13(1) of the Road Transport Act.Cap.131, count two vehicles to be licenses contrary to section 7(1) of the Road Transport Act.Cap.131, count three motor vehicles to be insured contrary to section 8(1)(2) of the motor vehicles third party insurance act. (ch.83), count four drivers to be licenses contrary to section 20(1) of the Road Transport ActCap.131 and count five taking vehicle without authority contrary to section 59(1) of the Road Transport Act.Cap.131.

Police Prosecutor Florence Hiroshachi prosecutes the case in court.