Police officer guilty for traffic related offences


A suspended police superintendent has pleaded guilty to five charges of traffic related offences before the Principal Magistrate Augustine Aulanga on Tuesday.

The police superintendent was charged in relation to a vehicle accident which occurred on March 1 at the Kukum road Florence Young School junction.

He was charged with charges of careless driving, presence of alcohol in a person’s blood, driving unlicensed motor vehicle and other two charges of traffic related offence.

Police said when they did a breathalyser test on the accused he had a high percentage of alcohol in his blood.

Police said that around 2.45am on that morning the defendant was driving up the Florence young junction road and suddenly drove off the road and hit an electric post.

Police traffic officers were called to the scene and confirmed that the accused was drunk. He was arrested and charged for the incident.

After the accused pleaded guilty the court then adjourns the case for sentencing today.

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