Police mediate suspected sorcery case in Central province

PPC Central Province Patricia Leta.

POLICE at the Tulagi police station, Central province have mediated a suspected case of sorcery at Soso village within the Sandfly area in the Florida Islands on May 14, 2018.

It is alleged that a false rumour was spread within the communities that a 50-year-old man alleged to have used black magic to kill another man in December 2017.

This has caused ongoing hatred between the two parties.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Central Province Superintendent Patricia Leta says, “My officers with a lot of effort by Crime Prevention Committee members, church leaders and village chiefs managed to bring both parties involved to reach a common understanding and settled their grievances through custom.

“I would like to thank both parties and all the community leaders who assisted my officers to peacefully mediate the long standing issue.

“This shows police and the community are working together to implement the Crime Prevention Strategy for a peaceful community for our children.

“My officers also conducted an awareness talk to remind the community at Soso not to take the law into their own hands, instead resolve things through amicable means or allow authorities to be involved.”

The community leaders also conveyed their sincere appreciation to police in Tulagi for their continuous partnership with the communities especially to ensure peace prevails within Central province.


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