Police in Kirakira continue with Safe boat Operation

POLICE at Kirakira in the Makira Ulawa Province have advised the captain of vessel MV Awaka on January 19, 2018 during a safe boat operation to ensure the ship is safe before travel as it appeared the boat was overloaded with passengers.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Peter Sitai says, “My officers at Kirakira have checked the vessel, MV Awaka and the number of passengers who intended to travel on-board was between 300-400 people.

“My officers learned from the captain of the vessel the capacity for passengers is less than 200 and yet the people forced their way into the ship, even after being told it cannot take any more people.

“People with no tickets were asked to get off the boat before it may leave for Honiara.”

“I appeal to the travelling public and ship owners to cooperate when police carry out its duty as this is important for the safety of the people and the ship itself in times of bad weather.”


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