Police investigate fatal accident at logging camp

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    POLICE at Kirakira in the Makira Ulawa province is conducting an investigation into a fatal accident which occurred at the Tobani log pond in West Makira on November 12, 2018, during which a man in his 30s died.

    Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira Ulawa, Superintendent Peter Sitai says, “The deceased, who was a loader machine operator, was allegedly loading round logs when the machine accidently fell off the wharf.

    “It is alleged that the deceased died instantly after breaking his head and neck.”

    The diseased was from Guadalcanal province employed by the Earthmovers Logging Company.

    “Police appeal to relatives of the deceased to remain calm as police investigations into this tragic accident continues.

    “Furthermore police want to remind logging companies operating in the Province to make sure that your equipment is in good condition at all times to avoid such tragic loss of life,” says Sitai.


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