Police continues hunt for suspect


POLICE in Auki say they are still on the look-out for the suspect in the killing of a 44-year-old female Chinese national on April 13 this year.

A police officer spoken to yesterday told this paper that last week they went to Kwaibaita area, East Kwaio, following advice from their informer but was unsuccessful to locate the suspect.

He said they are still listening out for any information from the communities and also from their informer relating to the whereabout of the alleged suspect.

The officer said that police continue to call on the suspect to surrender himself, as continuing being in hiding will not do him any good but will be a burden on him.

“Therefore, he should surrender himself and let the law decide his innocence,” Auki police said.

This is regarding the suspect in the killing incident which occurred this year on the morning of April 13 at the White Angel building.

The allegation said the Chinese woman left her house in the Ranadi area, east Honiara to drop off her twin sons at school in the morning and then went down to her shop inside the White Angel Building in Point Cruz to open it as normal.

While the shopkeepers were waiting outside for the deceased to open the shop, the husband of the deceased arrived and sought assistance from a nearby shop to open their shop as the doors were locked from inside. However, that was unsuccessful and police were alerted in which the Police Fire Service came to their assistance and opened the shop and that is when the husband discovered his wife lying on the floor with blood all over her body.

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