Crime prevention roll out in Makira

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has continued roll-out of its Crime Prevention Strategy on Makira/Ulawa province from 19- 23rd April.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province Superintendent Peter Sitai said their team had visited communities at Oneibia, Heranigau, Anuta, Tawarao, Tawaraha, Hada bay and Omaraoru.

 He said these communities are in ward five and six on West Makira constituency.”

PPC Sitai stressed that the team had managed to conduct crime prevention related trainings on S.A.R.A (Scanning, Analyze, Response and Assessment) problem solving model, urbanisation, by-law launching, community by-law awareness and Clashes of cultures and its impacts in Solomon Islands.”

 “The trainings have been so fruitful and about 100 plus participants representing different community sectors have attended,” Mr Sitai remarked.

 Speaking during the closing ceremony at Oneibia Community, a women leader emotionally expressed her most appreciation about the police inputs into helping her community with law and order.

She said as a mother, the strategy is a milestone and the way forward to maintain peace and unity in the community.

He said Makira-Ulawa Province has more than 50 Crime Preventions Committees (CPC’s) formed and similar trainings will be conducted in the coming months.”

“I appeal to all communities in Makira Ulawa Province to come out in good numbers and participate during the awareness and trainings sessions.

“Police do not have all the resources needed, therefore I call for understanding and support,” PPC Sitai said.


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