Police continue with investigation of missing man

PROVINCIAL Police Commander (PPC) Makira Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai says investigation into man who went missing after allegedly falling into the sea from a boat on February 15, 2018 near the Kirakira Airport is progressing well.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, was returning from dropping off a late passenger travelling on the MV KCB2 from Kirakira to Honiara when the alleged incident happened.

Sitai says, “Police investigators in Kirakira have so far detained the boat involved in the alleged incident and interviewed eight witnesses including the skipper of the boat and the crew.

“Investigators have also conducted searches along the shoreline near the airport in Kirakira but so far there has been no sighting of the person.

“I want to thank the family members and relatives of the missing person for their understanding in allowing the police to investigate the alleged incident and cooperating with the investigators.

“I also want to thank those witnesses who have come forward with information to assist the police investigation into the missing person. Police call on any other person who may have seen what happened or any other important information, to contact the Kirakira Police Station.”

PPC Sitai reminds drivers of OBM boats to supply life jackets to their passengers as thinking safety first will save a life.

Police at the Kirakira Police Station can be contacted on phones 50299 or 50266.


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