Police Commissioner describes Avuavu killing as gruesome

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THE Police Commissioner Mathew Varley has described the murder incident in Avuavu last week as a gruesome and tragic incident.

Speaking during his weekly media conference, Mr Varley said the incident is particularly a gruesome murder due to the fact that a young defenceless girl was murdered by two or three men armed with bush knives and a rope tied around her neck.

“To me is indescribable and in despicable.

“I wanna condemn in a strongest term that this type of violence against women and against young girls in this country got to be stopped,” Varley said

He said following that incident Police in Guadalcanal province have arrested a 40-year-old man in relation to the murder of a young girl at Avuavu in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal.

Other two suspects are yet to be arrested and police are still continuing with their investigation on the case.

Varley said the murder incident occurred on Tuesday last week.

The deceased was on her way home from school and was intending to go to the village when she was approached by the three men who were armed with bush knives.

“At this point in time as you aware from the allegation one of the men had been charged with murder for having brutally murdered the girl with a bush knife.”

Police said after she was murdered she was carried down the road and thrown underneath some trees on the roadside in some small bush.

The commissioner said it was a sad scenario as it was after three days before her families and relatives found her in that location.

Varley said the news was reported to the police and a team of investigators and Forensics were sent to the crime scene and worked with the community which led to the arrest of the first suspect.

Varley strongly condemned such attitude about violence against women and young girls and want the communities to work together to end such attitude and behaviour.

He said enough is enough because such incident not only affect the families of the victims but also affects police and everybody in this country.

Varley also said that investigation on the case is still ongoing.