Police chiefs discuss cybercrime

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POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley says cybercrime is one main focus in the recent Police Chiefs meeting held in Nauru.

He said 21 Police chiefs around the Pacific attended the meeting.

He said during the meeting they looked at major crime threats and trends that affect the Pacific and how they can work together to tackle them, and this year’s focus on cybercrime was the important one.

“We look closely at the cybercrimes trends that are affecting the pacific countries and we were given some very good briefing on that as well as immerging threats around the areas of online sexual exploitation of children including things such as the online spreading of child abuse material which is something affecting a lot of countries around the region,” Varley said.

Also part of their discussions they also looked on how they can improve their cooperation on investigation and prosecution of online offending and also they looked at a recent study that was done with the support of the Australian Attorney General’s department and the Pacific Islands Law Officers Network PILON.

Varley said it was a study of the legislation gaps across the pacific in relation to Cybercrime and it is something that we need to look at very closely as compared to some countries we do have gaps in our legislations to address cybercrime.

Though have good coverage for offences against children but there are things we can learn from this field of expertise around the Pacific to make sure our legislation and procedures are up to date.

However the good news is the RSIPF are already preparing for increased exposure to cybercrime in the future with couple of cybercrime trainings already conducted for our officers with the support from Australian colleagues.

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