Police call for respect to public properties

Police Commander for Malaita province, Lesley Kili
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PROVINCIAL Police Commander (PPC) Malaita, Suprintendant Lesley Kili has called for respect to public properties across Malaita province.

The call came following an alleged stone-throwing on a government signboard erected in West Kwara’ae for the proposed construction of Bio bridges by national government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID).

Kili told SunAuki yesterday that he had seen for himself marks of stone thrown on the signboard and warns those responsible to stop such unlawful behaviour.

“The signboard was put up for the purpose of construction of two bridge projects within the area and we must support government to make it happens.

 “We are so fortunate that government is committed to support us with infrastructure development which will only be for our benefits,” he said.

 According to Kili, Auki police are yet to receive report on the incident and call on those who might know of it to report to the police for investigation.

He said as long as they receive reports, they will probe into it to make sure those responsible to face the law.

Kili said warned that provincial police will not tolerate such unlawful behavior, since no room is provided for under the law of the country.