Police aware of corruption allegations raised by Sogavare


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley says they have taken note of corruption allegations echoed on the floor of parliament during the motion of no confidence debate earlier this week.

However, Varley reminds everyone that those allegations need to be produced to the police with evidence.

“At this point of time we aware of those allegations from the first hand reporting from parliament as you have.

“But obviously we would ask that the ministries and authorities to bring forward those allegations to the police with evidence so that we can review them.

“Obviously this is very controversial area and I don’t want make comment on what politicians do or don’t say on the floor of parliament.

“But should people have evidence or allegation of corruption brings them forward to the police and we will evaluate and review them and where evidence exists we will take actions,” he said.

Varley said they still have many cases of corruption in their radar and are continuing on with their work behind the scene.

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