Police assures continued support towards MCCC



AUKI Police has assured continued support in their partnership with the Malaita Christian Care Centre (MCCC) in Auki to deal with victims and issues of Domestic Violence on Malaita province.

PPC Malaita, Mr Stanley Riolo made the assurance during the official opening of MCCC’s newly completed facility in Auki over the weekend.

In congratulating MCCC for the achievement, Riolo highlighted that the facility is very important to police as they share similar a responsibility with MCCC when it comes to issues on violence.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, we would like to thank MCCC for sheer hard work resulted in completion of the new care centre as witnessed,” he saluted MCCC.

Riolo said the expansion of MCCC from Honiara to Malaita province was made upon the high rate of domestic violence (DV) experienced in the province.

He said with that MCCC saw the need to expand its service to the province to provide care and a safe home for people or victims when it comes to DV or gender based violence against children, girls and women.

“On our side, we always work closely with MCCC to ensure victims are in safe environment and receive the service needed whenever at MCCC in Auki.

“And under the partnership, police will not only provide security to the care centre, but ensure whatever case comes before MCCC and police must go to court,” Riolo said.

On that note, he assured MCCC that the provincial police will continue to work together with them in the campaign to address DV issues in the province.

Riolo also made it clear that MCCC is not only for particular denomination, race or other distinctions, but for everyone who come across DV in the province.

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