Police anti-corruption investigations

Dear Editor,
I, for one, welcome the Police Commissioner’s assurance that the RSIPF is adequately trained and has specialist personnel assigned to the investigation of anti-corruption allegations and cases.
In the absence still of an Independent Anti-Corruption Commission, the joint task team known locally as JANUS, has given proof of its effectiveness, albeit the results of many of its investigations are yet to be concluded in the courts.
One might now conclude from Mr Varley’s statement to the media that the police service is managing well in what will no doubt become increasingly difficult circumstances for operational effectiveness unless the complex demands for resources and adequate funding are met.
For now the RSIPF has not been unfairly judged and it does no harm, from time to time, for questions to be raised about the police effectiveness and operational capabilities and to receive honest answers.
In the Solomon Islands, unlike in the UK, there is no watchdog overseeing the police like an Inspectorate of Constabulary, so questions raised by citizens about the service do need to be addressed and responses given, as in this past week’s most recent example, but providing the questions raised are not requiring answers to sensitive matters that would not be in the public interest or prejudicial to ongoing police investigations.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short


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