PNG raises red flag, a great risk for SI

Police officers patrolling the Western border with Bougainville. PHOTO ABC
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THERE is need to mount extra effort at the Western Border as Papua New Guinea is expecting a third wave of COVID-19 next month or September.

Ppua New Guinea has raised a red flag expecting a third wave of COVID-19 and that advance preparation or improving surveillance is highly recommended.

Speaking to Post Courier Papua New Guinea late last month, Deputy Pandemic Controller, Dr Esrom Daoni stressed that the third wave is expecting to surge in cases with fatality rate expecting to be increased.

The report is threatening to communities in the Western Solomon Islands which includes; Shortland Islands, Choiseul and Western Province.

In an interview with SunGizo, Director of Health and Medical for Western Province, Dr Dickson Boara said strengthening and maintaining border control is the only way to avoid the virus entering Solomon Islands.

“We understand that human is the carrier of this COVID-19 as such avoiding people to cross the border is the best way for us to contain this virus,” he said.

Boara also said that it is important for communities residing close to the Western border to help government agencies who are on the ground to make sure the virus is not invading the border to Solomon Islands.

This paper understands that the government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Service has rolled out vaccination in Shortland Islands.

A recent report states that PNG has recorded a total of 15,415 COVID-19 positive cases in all the provinces with 73 deaths and 14,343 recovery cases.