PM welcomes Australia’s commitment to national projects

PM Hou, Vanuatu PM, Samoa PM and Aust Foreign Minister at the labour mobility signing on Wednesday.

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has welcomed the new Australian Government’s assurance to progress with the Under Sea Cable Project.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Senator Marise Payne assured the Prime Minister during their bilateral meeting in Nauru earlier this week.

“We are keen to continue with the cable project and we are pleased that everything is in progress,” she said.

Prime Minister Hou said the cable project remains an important project for the Solomon Islands.

Hou has assured Senator Payne that all progressive work has been positive.

Foreign Minister Payne also raised issues concerning the cable landing sites, which the Prime Minister has assured her that his officials are positively working on it.

Foreign Minister Payne has also reassured the Prime Minister on Australia’s commitment to the Tina Hydro Project.

She also raised concerns regarding the timeline of the Tina Hydro project that should enable appropriate agreements to be signed.

Prime Minister Hou in response has acknowledged the concerns raised citing logistic issues as one of the main delaying factors.

“I have personally prioritised this important project to speed up the process,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Australian Foreign Minister has also conveyed greetings from Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Prime Minister Hou.

Hou in response has also reiterated his best wishes to Prime Minister Morrison and the new Foreign Minister.

“Australia is an important partner and my Government looks forward in continuing the important programs between our two countries,” he said.

Prime Minister Hou is likely to meet Prime Minister Morrison next week in Canberra.


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