PM visits swimming facility in Lake Tegano

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has visited a swimming project and accommodation facility at Lake Tegano in Rennell Island, Rennell/Bellona province.

Prime Minister Houenipwela and the Member of Parliament for Renbel province Dr Tautai Agikimu’a Kaitu’u visited the sports swimming project at Kiakoe, located at the lake.

The swimming project is built by Lence Tango an MPA of the Renbel provincial government.

The swimming area with the accomodation and changing rooms at one end.

The project when completed is aimed at providing a swimming facility and accommodation where our local swimmers can be accommodated and trained ahead of the Pacific Games in 2023.

Mr Tango is also planning to build bungalows to increase accommodation at the facility to also target tourism opportunities.

Houenipwela was impressed with the idea and expressed his support to local initiatives as such that are aimed at developing our sports men and women in the country.

PM Hou takes a tour around the swimming facility.

“This is a great initiative and one that would greatly benefit our athletes if completed and utilized as the location is also isolated which I believe will help our athletes to focus in training without any outside disturbance,” he said.

The project is currently still under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The Prime Minister and his delegation also spent a night at Lake Tegano, travelled the lake and spent time with the people.

He was also particularly impressed with the tourism and investment opportunities Lake Tegano has to offer for the people of Rennell Island.

A view overlooking the swimming facility and lake Tegano.
One side of thje walkway around the swimming area.
The accomodation and changing rooms at the proposed swimming facility still under construction..
Mr Tango presenting gifts to the Hon PM.. Photo by OPMC Press









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