PM Hou visits National Medical Store and NRH

PRIME Minister Hou made a personal visit to the National Referral Hospital and National Medical store to see for himself the situation.

Earlier in the morning he had a Conference with mainstream Media and revealed that as of Thursday 19 July 2018, stock level of essential drugs at NRH are as follows:

(a) 30 percent of essential drugs now in stock compared to only 10 percent three days earlier on 16th July.

(b) 32 percent of essential drugs available but in low stock compared to 48 percent three days earlier and

(c) 38 percent are out of stock compared to 48 percent earlier.


Stock levels at National Medical Stores as of Thursday 19th July are:

(a) 34 percent essential drugs now in stock

(b) 27 percent essential drugs available but in low stock and

(c) 39 percent are out of stock. 

“We have seen improvements in the stock of levels of essential drugs resulting from receipt of some of our orders over the past week – but no where near improvement”, PM Hou said.

Meanwhile 1.4 million Amoxycillin capsules, 90,000 Procaine penicillin injections, 60,000 Benthazune Pencillin injections, 2,000 Atropine sulphate injections and 500 Ketamine injections will be airlifted from Brisbane on Friday 20th July 2018.

Again Hou reiterates that this is NOT a funding issue. There is money for the drugs. The process is what has delayed the supply of medicines.

More in our paper in the coming days.

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