PM Sogavare warns people spreading fears of covid-19

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare
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PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare is urging public not to worry or be afraid of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) that is still to record a case in Solomon Islands.

This came after some people have posted untrue stories of the coronavirus on social media which is causing unnecessary fear on people.

When moving the motion to thank the Governor General Sir David Vunagi on his speech from the throne on Tuesday 17th March, PM Sogavare said he has instructed the Attorney General to liaise with Police Commissioner and Director of Public Prosecution to take actions against people posting untrue statements in media.

Sogavare said this people who crossed the line have to be held accountable for causing unnecessary fear.

He said even some people questioned him why not coming out in public to lead the awareness on the COVID-19.

“Iam not a media buddy to jump to anything that come across my path without thinking and make a statement just to be hear and to be running the risks to make mistakes.

“I don’t know anything about it,” he said.

Sogavare said the last thing they want to entertain in this country is mis-information and politically motivated statement that is sensitive.

He said “our people want comfort and not fear.”

Further to that, Sogavare said he is confident to run a consistent cabinet government that functions and collective decision making processes.

As such, he want to thanked the depth of wisdom which cabinet handled this matter through the guidance of Minister of Health and Medical Services and his permanent secretary and the special oversight committee that continue to provide the advice to government.

Contrary to what people said, Sogavare said the government has been working tirelessly to COVID-19 by taking a systematic whole of government approach to issue that also involved activation of internal mechanisms and safeguards combined with the assistances of donors and bilateral partners.

Despite lack of capacity to date to address a potential nationwide outbreak with decent mind, Sogavare said the government has taken precautionary measures to prevent the virus from arriving on our shores and remain one step ahead with cabinet imposed restrictions to tune up with initial outbreak in China a month ago.

Sogavare said Solomon Islands is the first to take the action to prevent people arriving on land and seas after Cabinet made the decision.

He said government is collaborating with China to counter this virus.

The debate continues on Wednesday 18th March at 9.30am.